Tuesday, May 9, 2017

How to Succeed When Protesting Your Property Taxes

In my previous 2 posts, I discussed ways to improve your results when protesting your property taxes.  I'm a Texas Property Tax Arbitrator and would like to help you save money with professional advice. 

Here are several hints: 

  • Bring something to read when you go to your protest.  They get behind.
  • Do not start the conversation with "My taxes are too high", or "There have been no services for taxes paid.”  Those are not their concern.
  • Market value is a topic on which reasonable people can disagree.  The property owner has a significant advantage since they have personally inspected the subject and all the comparables.  The appraiser has only the data provided by others.
  • Do not let a sale that you did not find upset the process.  You have many other sales to present and your home is unique.
  • Do point out if your house backs up to an apartment complex, a car dealership, a thoroughfare, trashy homes, etc.
  • Point out if any flaws exist in the home itself.
  • Read the remarks on the comparables. The sold home features might be better than yours, such as granite, wood floors, covered patio, etc.  This knowledge will help lower your valuation.
  • Appraisers do this day in and day out.  You are there because you really believe that the sales show that your home is worth no more than the other homes.
  • Speak softly and be pleasant.
Others have done quite well on their protests in the last few years, and so should you.  Good Luck!

If you have any questions about any of this, call or email me at RichardSkotak@remax.net or 713-894-9410.   

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