Thursday, May 16, 2013

Artificial Sweetener that can harm your dog or cat

There was an interesting story on Local 2 news last night. 

A local veterinarian, Dr.
Kristin Olsen spoke about xylitol posionings.  What's xylitol?  It's an artificial sweetener and is found as an ingredient in many foods as well as gum and toothpaste.  The symptoms in your dog or cat can be immediate and deadly.   Their blood sugar drops, they can experience vomiting, disorientation, seizures, and even liver failure.   

If you're suspicious that your pet may have ingested xylitol, take the package and your animal to the vet immediately.   

The ASPCA poison control center for pets can be found here

Just another reason to not give your dog or cat treats from the table or your snack bowl.

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